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What is Life Coaching?


Life Coaching is a conversational process that guides a client with personalized encouragement and planning towards:


      Getting "unstuck" and building confidence

      Improving personal and workplace communication and relationships

      Creating healthy boundaries in all areas of life

      Establishing healthy new habits

      Reaching personal emotional, spiritual, and physical wellness goals

      Stress reduction

      Forgiveness and positivity


A Certified Professional Life Coach is a “change agent” who works with a client to create forward momentum in his or her life’s goals.

TAVI Coaching and Wellness, LLC, provides ICF-certified, Faith-based Professional Life Coaching



What is Faith-based Counsel and Care?

TAVI Coaching and Wellness, LLC, provides AACC-certified faith-based counsel and care to serve everyone who desires greater wellness in their lives, whether it is for personal, relationship, or spiritual issues. Each client is shown the love of God, met where they are at, and treated with respect as they seek and receive healing. 

Areas of Care Include:


     Marriage and pre-marital  


     Recovery support

     Grief and loss 

All sessions are confidential and can be in-person or online via Zoom or GoogleMeet. Faith-based counsel is not licensed therapy or medical care, and does not diagnose or treat mental or physical illness. It is not a substitute for licensed medical or mental health care. TAVI Coaching and Wellness, LLC, does not accept medical insurance. 



"In kindness God takes us firmly by the hand and leads us into a radical life-change" (Romans 2:4 MSG)


Let’s start the conversation today!


Service Fees*

Faith-based Life Coaching

Life Coaching Conversations can help you achieve your personal, professional, and emotional/spiritual goals. Being an active participant in developing your own achievable action plans will move you forward now as you take steps to improve your future. TAVI Coaching and Wellness, LLC, looks forward to working with you and watching you thrive.

Let's talk it out you can walk it out now!


Call to schedule a free15 minute  initial consultation by phone (call 919-738-3465)



$60 for each 60-minute coaching conversation in-person or by Zoom or


Discount Packages:

   Schedule 4 Conversations and receive a 30% discount

   4 Scheduled Coaching Conversations: $168



   Gift Certificates available for friends and loved ones - 30% discount!


*Monthly Online Group Coaching Events: $25*

Join TAVI online each month for 1 hour of high-impact life coaching on an important topic that affects us all, such as grief, conflict resolution, and self-care. Leave with an action plan and a smile on your face! Registration is online; "like" TAVI Coaching and Wellness LLC on Facebook and Instagram for monthly registration links.

Faith-based Counsel and Care

TAVI Coaching and Wellness, LLC, offers faith-based counsel and care to serve those who desire to understand their problems and relationships – and receive godly input – from a faith viewpoint. Each client who schedules faith-based counsel and care sessions will be received and respected with the utmost care and confidentiality.


$60 for each 60-minute scheduled appointment in-person or by Zoom or

Discount Package:

   Schedule 4 Appointments and receive a 30% discount

   4 Scheduled Counsel and Care Appointments: $168

*TAVI Coaching and Wellness, LLC, does not accept insurance. All fees should be paid prior to scheduled appointments. 

Robin, Michigan

“Coaching with Theresa was an excellent experience for my awareness and self-discovery of personal issues that impact my life balance."

Sam, Ohio 

"On a scale of 1-10, I'd give the sessions a 10. I felt heard but also gently directed, and I left with an action plan which I definitely needed."

Julie, North Carolina

“Coaching me to stay really digging in the Word of God has helped me.”


Theresa Flynn, MABC, CPLC, has a heart for helping others reach their goals and see victory in their lives. As a faith-based Coaching, Care, and Counsel provider, Theresa warmly welcomes anyone who desires to see change and progress in their life. She received a Master’s in Biblical Counseling from Luther Rice Seminary and College, Lithonia, GA. She received Christian Professional Life Coach certification and is a member of the International Coaching Federation, the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC), and Coach Approach Ministries. She can be found on the AACC Christian Care Connect site. 

While raising her family and receiving her training, Theresa volunteered for many years for several organizations and ministries in Eastern North Carolina. She has been pursuing a lifestyle of recovery and wellness for almost 20 years, and has been married to her husband, Joe, since 1991. She is excited to bring the power of faith-based life coaching and care to her local community . . . while also using today's technology to reach clients anywhere with online appointments via Zoom and Google Meet.

Theresa's personal story of experience, strength, and hope even in the face of great adversity creates an understanding and welcoming experience for each client she serves. 

Volunteer experiences include being trained by and for: BGEA (Billy Graham Evangelistic Association) as a Prayer Partner and COVID Prayer Hotline volunteer; leadership; Post-abortion healing retreat leadership; and 12-Step recovery support group leadership.

Theresa is an active member of her church and is committed to meeting people where they are as she walks with them toward achieving their life goals.

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